Reservations and payment


After inspecting and selecting the apartment, the buyer can reserve the selected apartment. The real estate-apartment reservation lasts 24 hours in order to have the opportunity to make a decision.

Apartment reservation is free and no deposit is required.


If the buyer decides to buy an apartment, the next step is signing the purchase agreement.

The sales contract defines the subject of the sale, the total agreed purchase price, as well as the method and term of payment thereof. By signing the sales contract, the down payment institution is also contracted in accordance with the Law on Obligations.


After the signing of the purchase agreement between the buyer and the seller, upon completion of the construction and fulfillment of certain conditions (technical acceptance, obtained permit, floor plan made and the same carried out in the ZK office), a certified purchase agreement with all elements is signed.

The seller – an authorized person or an authorized representative and the buyer – sign the certified contract at the notary public.

The costs of certification of the purchase agreement by a notary public are borne by the buyer.


The buyer is obliged, in accordance with the defined method and term of payment of the price from the sales contract, to pay the same in the defined amount to one of the transaction accounts that the seller has opened with commercial banks and which are specified in the sales contract.


If the buyer decides and the payment is made through a home loan or mortgage loan, it is necessary to apply to one of the commercial banks with a certified and processed contract. If it is a mortgage loan, a statement is necessary – the consent of the seller to pledge the real estate – the apartment that is the subject of the contract.

Upon approval of the loan, the buyer signs the loan agreement with the creditor bank, followed by the mortgage agreement, which is signed by the buyer – the loan beneficiary, the bank representative and the seller’s attorney.

After the mortgage contract is signed, it is registered in the ZK office, and the bank transfers to the creditor the amount approved by the loan contract to the seller’s transaction account.

The costs of notarizing the mortgage contract are borne by the buyer.


Possession of the real estate – apartment takes place after the technical acceptance of the building has been completed (use permit obtained) and after the buyer pays the seller the agreed purchase price in full. By fulfilling these conditions, the buyer acquires the right to enter the property. The seller issues a certificate to the buyer that the agreed price has been paid in full.

The seller and the buyer visit the property together and draw up a record of the handover of the property, on which occasion the buyer receives the keys to the apartment. With the record of the handover of the real estate, a copy of the identity card and a copy of the certified contract, the buyer registers as a user with the competent KJKP and other competent companies.


Upon payment of the entire amount of the purchase price, the buyer receives a written confirmation from the seller that the purchase price has been paid in full.

With the aforementioned confirmation, the buyer receives the original copy of the contract for land registers with a clause and a tabular statement from the notary public who certified the purchase agreement, on the basis of which the buyer can be registered in the land registers as the owner of the property without the consent of the seller.